Construction, LED wall, robotic arm, fundus, catering

LED wall

120m2, resolution P2.6, 1000nits

LED wall permanently part of FZG Studio. We have experience with erecting it on the ground, hanging it, as well as hanging it horizontally as a ceiling. The rental includes a computer for video clearance.

For example, the led wall can be combined with studio blackout and water on the ground to create a great effect. Or with our CAMBOT - robotic arm.

Robotic arm


Smooth movements, tremendous acceleration and precise repetition.

  • 6-axis robotic arm + optional 8m track
  • Load capacity up to 210 kg
  • Movement speed 2-5 m/s
  • Arm reach 2.7m
  • Maximum height 3.5m

Decoration constructions

construction and decorations

Our services provided directly at FZG Studio include construction of deocracies. We have experience with various types of constructions, materials and processes. Our team includes carpenters, painters and patinarians.

For constructions, we also provide equipment with decorations and props, if necessary.


own kitchen

We will provide catering in our own kitchen from breakfast, through lunch to dinner. We serve meals in the dining room with a capacity of up to 40 people, or with outdoor seating with a capacity of up to 70 people.


decorations offer

We rent film props and decorations from our external warehouse with which we cooperate.

We will calculate the price on the basis of your demand, for a rough idea we state 10,000 CZK for a set of decorations that will fit in the delivery (approx. 14m3)