Green key background

Infinite cyclorama

Chromakey studio, Green cyclorama, Green studio

FZG studio has two studios that are permanently equipped with a green keying background - fabion / cyclorama. Our large studio is the second largest freely available studio in the Czech Republic for a variety of works.

430m2 of space for your creativity

Studio A

Large studio with an area of 430 square meters, a ceiling height of 10 meters and sliding pantographs.

Green U-shaped background in width 15m, 12m depth and 5-8m height background.

White L-shaped background 12m wide, 8m deep and 5m background.

250m2 of land for creativity

Studio B

Studio with an area of 250 square meters, ceiling height up to 6 meters and fixed pantographs.

Green background in the usual width of 10m, 7m depth and 4.5m height background.

White background in the usual width 10m, depth 6m and background height 4.5m.

Control of lights and pantographs

Control of lights and pantographs

30 pantographs with travel, motorized wall, dimmer and socket. Alternatively, 14 pantographs with a motor stroke for studio B. Both studios have control of the pantographs via a tablet. Dimensions available are integrated or separate in the box. The lights can be connected to a DMX desk or ArtNet application and connected to the rest of the smart stage lighting.
lights offer

Lighting equipment

Light park with more than 30 lights with outputs of 1kW, 2kW, 4kW, 5kW. The lights are tungsten 3200K. Fresnelly and soft lights, spacelighty, kinoflo, skypanels. Effect lights, digital lights, DMX control. We have a choice of CT foils or frosts and diffusers for the lights. Also frames for frosts or butterflies 8'x8 'and 12'x12'.

easy handling

Sliding pantographs

Large studio - 30 pantographs passable in 7 lanes on the studio ceiling. Motor stroke, socket on each pantograph and integrated dimmer controlled from the tablet. Pantograph load capacity up to 50 kg. The pantograph has a working height of 0cm - 7m. Small studio - 14 pantographs with a motor stroke controlled from a tablet.

opportunity to choose

Two studios

The total area of the large studio is 430 square meters, ceiling height 10 meters. Small studio with an area of 252 square meters, ceiling height up to 6 meters. Gate 4x4m directly from the parking lot without elevation. The ceiling allows you to rigging props or actors. The studio is followed by more than 400 square meters of facilities, including a make-up room, dining room, meeting room, recording studio, toilets and showers.

Studio booking

To book a studio, please call +420 775 852 501 or write to