Robotic arm


Robotic arm

Everyone has ever tried to place the camera on a tripod, shoot an empty scene (clean plate) and then, with the same camera and light settings, shoot an action scene. Using layering and rotoscopy, then combine the two shots into one in the cutting room and create an effective trick cut. But what do you want the shot to keep the camera moving? The solution is Motion Control - Cam Bot

Synchronization of the movement of the camera and the pneumatic hand - the result is the effect of "dropping the object in front of the camera" and the subsequent "tracking" movement of the camera behind the falling object ("lemon in water", "ball of colored powder drum") (FollowDownFall)

Synchronization of camera movement and rotation of the carousel (turntable) with the product - the result is a perfect capture of all product details in a smooth motion

Synchronization of camera movement and Audio recording - the result is the exact beginning of camera movement with the beginning of music

A combination of fast and accurate camera movements

Fast and precise camera rotation in all directions, combination of movement (shift) and rotation (spin) - an effective shot created, for example, by a combination of forward and rotating camera movement (SpinShift)

Tips / tricks

For example, you can shade the car on the track with a Macro Probe lens with absolute precision, giving you amazing shots from the environment of car races, which in combination with detailed shots of the rider will look perfect.

You can watch a "drop of water" from its inception, its entire fall down, fly through the glass to the bottom and our CamBot will follow its path with her, the camera all the time, catch up with her speed.

Freeze Time - Constantly exactly the same camera movement while capturing the same scene separately with different events and then putting these layers together


  • High speed precision camera robot
  • 6-axis robotic arm
  • Camera load capacity up to 210 kg
  • Movement speed 2-5 m / s
  • Arm reach 2.7m
  • Maximum height 3.5 m
  • Can be used for moving with props
  • Ideal for table photography

Robotic arm in practice

Filming sample